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Our HOLDEN HQ KINGSWOOD UTE is of course the iconic Holden.B The HOLDEN HQ was an automobile produced by Holden in Australia from 1971 to 1974. The HQ was released on 15 July 1971, replacing the Holden HG series. It was the first ground up redesign of the Holden line since its original release in 1948, and included an all-new body, chassis, and suspension. The HQ was later developed into a series of successor models, finally ending production when the WB series was discontinued in 1984.

The mainstream HQ passenger car range consisted of four-door sedan and five-door station wagon models in three trim levels: Holden Belmont sedan; Holden Kingswood sedan; Holden Premier sedan; Holden Belmont station wagon; Holden Kingswood station wagon; Holden Premier station wagon

The long wheelbase luxury model, “Statesman by GMH” consisted of one body style (four-door sedan) and was available in two trim levels. Statesman AND Statesman Deville

A Holden SS sedan was released in August 1972. Although marketed as a separate model in reality it was a Belmont V8 sedan fitted with the XV2 option package.

The Monaro range initially consisted only of two-door coupes. Holden Monaro; Holden Monaro GTS; Holden Monaro GTS 350; Holden Monaro LS

Two four-door sedan variants of the Monaro GTS were released in March 1973 and similarly to the SS the new sports sedans were a special vehicle package optioned on a lesser model, in this case on a V8 Kingswood sedan. Option XV4 was the HQ GTS sedan. Option XW8 was the HQ GTS350 sedan.

The commercial vehicle range included coupe utility, panel van and cab chassis truck models: Holden Belmont utility, Holden Kingswood utility, Holden Belmont panel van, Holden One Tonner. The One Tonner, which was new for the HQ series, was a cab chassis truck.

A Sandman option, which was offered on utility and panel van models from January 1974, included various “sports” items from the Monaro GTS.

This popular plateB comes standard as completely flat and non-embossed with a pressed out embossed border.

These novelty number B plates are made fromB high quality aluminium and the artwork applied by aB dye sublimation process with a lovely gloss finish. They measure 37 x 13 cm, exactly the same as the traditional fully embossed type of plate and look just like our other Aussie made novelty number plates; even the mounting holes are in exactly the same positions, so they can easily be hung on display indoors or outdoors.

Important note about images we provide for novelty signs and plates: Just as we sometimes see that bpricing is subject to change without noticeb, so too are bdesigns subject to change without noticeb. In 99.99% of cases, what you see on Dixiebs website or brochure is what you get. However, there are the odd times when designs have changed in some small way (eg: maybe a logo moves to a different location on the item, or the colour changes). Sometimes this information doesnbt always trickle down until the new designs are manufactured and shipped to Dixie.B We hope this is helpful and understandable.

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