James Dean

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    This is truly a classic retro plate from the nineties. The THE BOSS novelty plate is one of many celebrity plates that we stock. It comes as a lightly embossed standard USA size 12 x 6 inches (30 x 15cm) metal plate and extremely high quality, durable and long lasting. These novelty plates can be hung anywhere inside or outside as each is pre-drilled so ready to hang. Some of the most famous quotes were first uttered by James Dean, and this one in full is “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” Whether they were movie lines or his own personal thoughts, they came to define him as a legend. Quotes from fellow friends, family and actors are proof that he not only knew how to captivate an audience, but also mesmerized whomever he came into contact with. JAMES DEAN’s other famous quote was “If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, and if he can live on after he’s dead, then maybe he was a great man.” PLEASE NOTE they are for decoration only as officially the authorities say “Attachment of a novelty number plate to a vehicle could attract the interest of law enforcement officers should it affect the visibility of, or distract from, or imply it is, the actual registration plate of the vehicle.” The design of this plate is the property of Dixie Souvenirs and copyright our USA supplier - TM and Copyright 1997 James Dean Inc by CMG Worldwide Inc For protection during delivery we use extra packing materials to ensure they arrive in tip-top condition If you would like novelty plates made with your own choice of embossed characters, or even a plate or sign made to your own design with a picture background then we can do these for you. Virtually anything you want can be created with our modern digital equipment.  The key is good art, and we can do ANY GRAPHIC!    ANY DESIGN!    ANY COLOUR! Important note about images we provide for novelty signs and plates: Just as we sometimes see that “pricing is subject to change without notice”, so too are “designs subject to change without notice”. In 99.99% of cases, what you see on Dixie’s website or brochure is what you get. However, there are the odd times when designs have changed in some small way (eg: maybe a logo moves to a different location on the item, or the colour changes). Sometimes this information doesn’t always trickle down until the new designs are manufactured and shipped to Dixie. We hope this is helpful and understandable.