In case you live outside Australia and are not sure what a ‘Ute’ is – it is a vehicle with the cabin of a sedan and the back of a small truck. The ‘Ute’ has long been a favourite vehicle for farmers and tradesmen and is an integral aspect of the Australian landscape. Over the years it has gradually become an icon and a quintessential Aussie bloke’s style accessory, along with his blue cattle dog, who generally rides up back with his tongue hanging out.
In the bush in Australia a Ute for the ‘working class man’ still reigns supreme. They believe all fair dinkum true blue Aussie blokes should own one. It is a great investment as it also gives them a great opportunity to be a romantic bloke if they fit it out with an old mattress so that they can take their Sheila’s star watching. And if you muster all the blokes, throw a barbie and some beer and prawns in the back and head for the beach, you can be sure to have some fun.
In the last decade in Australia the great Aussie Ute has really come into its own. The Deniliquin Ute Muster is now a massive annual event. (see http://www.deniutemuster.com.au). In 2013 it celebrates its 15th year after beginning with a group of utes and their owners getting together in a paddock, and Deniliquin wrote itself into history claiming the Guinness Book of Records title for the largest parade of legally registered utes in the world – 2839 – a record which still stands today.
It is now credited with saving the economy of that very pretty Riverina town. The idea for a festival celebrating the Australian icon of the ute, and Australia’s rural identity was created to encourage tourist visitation on the NSW Labour Day Long weekend – the town’s quietest tourism period. The idea was further developed to also include a family camp-out under the stars with bush poetry and camp oven dinner and a country music concert to suit all age groups featuring Lee Kernaghan

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