68 GT

68 GT
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68 GT  – normally referring to the 1968 Mustang Fastback GT

This standard size 37cm x 13cm aluminium plate has embossed main characters. Extremely high quality Australian manufactured by the same company thats been producing and selling quality plates for years.

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    The GT 350 novelty plate relates to the legendary Aussie muscle car . Winner of the 1971 Bathurst 500, driven by Allan Moffat, the Phase III has been described as “…simply one of the best cars in the world, a true GT that could take on Ferraris and Astons on their own terms…” The GTHO 351 Cleveland engine output was understated as 300 bhp (224 kW) to satisfy insurers. It is generally accepted to produce in the region of 350-380 bhp (265 kW -283 kW). Initial cars were equipped with an electrical rev limiter which came into effect at 6,150 rpm. With the rev limiter disabled, the engine was reputed to pull in excess of 7,000 rpm, even in 4th gear. The Phase III GTHO was Australia’s fastest four-door production car.Some interesting bits and pieces from Wikipedia – Top Speed: 227 km/h (141 mph) @ 6150rpm 0 – 60 mph – 6.5 seconds 0 – 100 km – 6.8 seconds Standing 1/4 mile (400m) – 14.4 secondsThe Phase III GTHO is in incredibly high demand with collectors and investors. Good examples have been sold for prices in excess of A$700,000. Due to this demand, a small production run, and ‘fewer than 100 remaining’ there been a flow on effect into values of the lesser XW and other XY Falcons, particularly genuine GS and ‘standard’ GT models. Other models that have also benefited from the appreciation of the GTHO include the XA and XB GT hardtops, the earlier XW GTHO Phase 1 and 2 and the XC Cobra.A Falcon XY GTHO Phase III was sold at by Bonhams & Goodmans at auction for A$683,650 in March 2007. The car had only 40,000 km on the clock. The buyer of the car said it will be garaged, and that it won’t be driven, but that he will be “keeping it as an investment”. The sale price set a new auction record for Australian muscle cars. Whilst in June 2007 another Phase III sold for A$750,000. Shannons national auctions manager Christophe Boribon blames the global financial crisis for the collapse in values. “We reached an artificial high a couple of years ago but then the GFC hit. Now it is back to reality, ” he said. “There is only a limited number of buyers out there for a car like that. “The car is a very rare car. The car is the holy grail of Australian muscle cars.” Price new 1971: $5300 Value in 2007: $683,500 Value in 2008: close to $1 million Value in 2010: $331,000It is a standard size 37cm x 13cm aluminium plate with embossed main characters. It is extremely high quality, durable and long lasting and we are proud to say that it is Australian manufactured by the same company that’s been producing and selling quality number plates for years.  The GT 350 sign can be hung inside or outside and each is pre-drilled so ready to hang.We sell for a great price and offer a wide variety so get yours today!BONUS! – Each is supplied in a free clear plastic pocket with a display card ready for hanging on display in store. For protection from factory to customer each is freighted with extra packing materials to ensure they arrive at your store in tip-top condition

  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

    Our long-in-the-making Australian Classic Ford range is now here to line up alongside the Holdens. We have 4 MUSTANG plates to choose from ranging across the first 3 generations of Mustang from 1st generation (1964–1973) then Second generation (1974–1978) and on to Third generation (1979–1993).Aussie plates are extremely high quality Australian manufactured Standard Size Number Plate (37cm x 13cm). Made from Aluminium by the same company that’s been producing and selling quality Novelty Plates for many years. Dixie’s plate sizes are the same as those on a normal vehicle, and have embossed characters and an embossed border