Our sign TWO GOLDEN RULES TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE reads B 1. The wife is always right B 2. When you feel she is wrong, slap yourself and read rule number 1 again.

TheB TWO GOLDEN RULES TO A HAPPY MARRIAGEB sign is a fun collectible and affordable sign importedB from the USA. B ItB measures 12in x 9in or 30cm x 20cm, and is a lightly embossed product. Some new stock may arrive soon which will be a couple of cms wider at 30cm x 23cm.

Novelty Signs by definition in Wikipedia are humorous gift objects which are more often than not, specifically designed to serve no practical purpose, but are sold for their uniqueness, humour, or simply as something new (hence bnoveltyb, or newness).

In general ourB Novelty SignsB are either from America or England, of which many are manufactured in China. They are made of aluminium or tin, and we strive to carry only the highest quality novelty signs that are manufactured.

All Dixies fun and unique designs will make a humerous and thoughtful gift and will look great hanging in your garage, shed, Man Cave, bar, games room or where ever you want to hang them. B They are sure to generate lots of fun conversation!

TheB TWO GOLDEN RULES TO A HAPPY MARRIAGEB sign is made from lightweight aluminium for durability and each is pre-drilled so ready to hang anywhere b even outside.

We sell for a great price and offer a wide variety so get yours today! For protection from factory to customer each is shrink-sealed in plastic film and we freight with extra packing materials to ensure they arrive in tip-top condition. All items we stock that require licensing are in accordance with trademark and copyright requirements

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