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PINK ROCKS is available in Black on Pink or White on Pink – please select from menu.B B Aussie plates (37cm x 13cm) are extremely high quality Australian manufacture made from Aluminium by the same company thatbs been producing and selling quality Novelty Plates for many years.B These plate sizes are the same as those on a normal vehicle,and have embossed characters and an embossed border

Important note about images we provide for novelty signs and plates: Just as we sometimes see that bpricing is subject to change without noticeb, so too are bdesigns subject to change without noticeb. In 99.99% of cases, what you see on our website or brochure is what you get. However, there are the odd times when designs have changed in some small way (eg: maybe a logo moves to a different location on the item, or the colour changes). Sometimes this information doesnbt always trickle down until the new designs are manufactured and shipped to Dixie. We hope this is helpful and understandable.

Pink colour will vary dependant on which light it is viewed in

For protection during delivery we use extra re-cycled packing materials to ensure they arrive in tip-top condition

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