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For those retailers that mail out number plates and signs to their customers these packing boards may be very useful as they will protect the sign from bending in the mail or courier bag. They are precision cut from 3mm thick Masonite Sheets and most also have a 2mm layer of corrugated cardboard on one side.

Sizes and weights are as below and are cut to be just slightly larger than the signs themselves. To order please select from the options list below

Packboard for Aussie Plates                       38x14cm weighs 205grms

Packboard for USA Plates                            31x16cm weighs 193grms

Packboard for USA Sign Large Parking   31x47cm weighs 580grms

Packboard for USA Sign Small Parking    31x24cm weighs 279grms

Packboard for USA Sign Tin                         31x39cm weighs 503grms

Packboard for USA Sign Circular               31x31cm weighs 363grms

Packboard for USA Sign Arrow/Street    62x16cm weighs 375grms

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