No pre-drilled mounting holes so at a small discount

A USA SIZE PLATE – PERSONALISED CUSTOM MADE is a way of personalising your own US Sized Novelty Plate – these embossed plates can be done as “One Offs” or in large numbers and production turnaround is on a weekly cycle.

USA Size plate (30.5cm x 15.5cm) without mounting holes. (Sorry but no holes in the first batch of 50 but next batch will have holes)

Can have one line of embossed characters in a choice of three different heights Large (L) = 80mm / Medium (M) =60mm and Small (S) =50mm. If ‘L’ or ‘M’ chosen no more than 6 characters including one space. If ‘S’ is chosen no more than 9 characters including one space. The embossed characters are normally placed central on the plate but can be bottom justified but not top justified.

USA size plates are available in the following background colours: White, Black.
Characters and borders can be embossed in the following colours: White; Black; Blue; Yellow; Gold; Silver; Green; Red; Maroon  There is a Colour chart posted on this website HERE  or there is an icon to click on in the linked products below

In addition to diamonds, dashes, dot/fullstops, we now have even more punctuation options on characters that can be embossed as shown on an attached image. The new characters are:   a proper number one with a serif – 1   a hash tag – #   apostrophe – ‘   and symbol – &   at symbol –

By law we must avoid character combinations that are similar to state issued licenced or personalised registration plates and in general this includes avoiding the following Alpha Numeric combinations:  AAA NN / AA NNN / AAA NNN / NNN AAA / NNN AA  / AA NN AA  / NAAANNN. For bona fide car collectors and exhibitors we can get around this if our customer provides a signed statement of intentional use.

HOW TO ORDER: First select the number of plates you want to buy, then click the ‘Add to Order’ button. Then click ‘View Order’. Check the plates you want are listed and then click “Add Details and Send” – in this screen there is an “Order Notes” box where you can type in the characters you want on the plate and the colours required, then simply complete your details in the required fields and then hit ‘SEND MY ORDER NOW’. You will not be asked for payment until we have ensured we have the details correctly understood


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    The COLOUR CHART FOR AUSSIE CUSTOM PLATES image here is to show the colour combinations and sizes available with non-graphic Aussie plates. Full details of novelty plate manufacture are found HERE The COLOUR CHART FOR AUSSIE CUSTOM PLATES image here is to show the colour combinations and sizes available with non-graphic Aussie plates. Full details of novelty plate manufacture are found HERE


    Our UTE PLATE - PERSONALISED novelty plate is a standard size 37cm x 13cm aluminium plate with embossed main characters. We stock some names such as CRAIGS UTE; JASONS UTE; STEVES UTE; JERRYS UTE; LUKES UTE; DAVES UTE; PETES UTE; NICKS UTE; ALANS UTE; JIMS UTE; RAYS UTE. Others can be made on request - 10 embossed characters maximum are allowed in one line, so any name 5 letters or less plus a letter S then a space then the word UTE, so all up 10 characters including the space can be put on a plate similar to the ones shown here. The Longhorns are not embossed and are applied as a high quality vinyl sticker. They are extremely high quality, durable and long lasting and we are proud to say Australian manufactured by the same company that’s been producing and selling quality number plates for years. The UTE PLATE - PERSONALISED novelty plates can be hung inside or outside and each is pre-drilled so ready to hang. We sell for a great price and offer a wide variety so get yours today! BONUS! – Each is supplied in a free clear plastic pocket with a display card ready for hanging on display in store. For protection from factory to customer each is freighted with extra packing materials to ensure they arrive at your store in tip-top condition If you want an UTE PLATE - PERSONALISED for an occasion please allow 10 days for manufacture and delivery.


    The PERSONALISED BAR PIC PLATE is great for the Man Cave or Bar. Text at top reads : My Bar - My Rules. Text at bottom reads: Rule No 1 -  Barman is always Right         Rule No 2 - If Barman is wrong refer to rule 1 The PERSONALISED BAR PIC PLATE novelty number plate is the pressed embossed standard Aussie size  37cm x 13cm aluminium plate and extremely high quality, durable and long lasting and we are proud to say that it was manufactured in Queensland, Australia. These novelty plates can be hung anywhere inside or outside as each is pre-drilled so ready to hang. Unfortunately this design is no longer manufactured so what we have on the shelves is the last of them - and we have at least 300 left, so why not give your man’s shed its own PERSONALISED BAR PIC PLATE at a discounted price PLEASE NOTE they are for decoration only as officially the authorities say “Attachment of a novelty number plate to a vehicle could attract the interest of law enforcement officers should it affect the visibility of, or distract from, or imply it is, the actual registration plate of the vehicle.” For protection during delivery we use extra packing materials to ensure they arrive in tip-top condition If you would like novelty plates made with your own choice of characters, we can easily do this for you within a few days. Just head on over to the link below for all the details of how to order a 'non-Graphic' two colour plate - CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOM MADE NON GRAPHIC PLATE DETAILS If you want a plate with a picture background then we can also do these types of plates for you - virtually anything you want can be created with our modern digital equipment.  The key is good art, and we can do ANY GRAPHIC!    ANY DESIGN!    ANY COLOUR! For more details on creating a picture background 'Graphic' plate (or sign) to your own design please CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOM MADE GRAPHIC PLATE DETAILS Important note about images we provide for novelty signs and plates: Just as we sometimes see that “pricing is subject to change without notice”, so too are “designs subject to change without notice”. In 99.99% of cases, what you see on Dixie’s website or brochure is what you get. However, there are the odd times when designs have changed in some small way (eg: maybe a logo moves to a different location on the item, or the colour changes). Sometimes this information doesn’t always trickle down until the new designs are manufactured and shipped to Dixie. We hope this is helpful and understandable.


    Our PERSONALISED CUSTOM FRAMES fit around standard size Aussie Plates (37cm x 13cm). They are high quality injection moulded plastic in Black or in White, with your own choice of novelty wording which by and large is applied on the wider part of the frame at the bottom. However as shown in the examples here we can also apply lettering to the top of the frame, or both top and bottom. The words are cut from high quality vinyl stickers (see below for colours available) and are applied by hand. Wording for top of frame can be a maximum of 31cm long x 8mm tall, with wording for bottom of frame a maximum of 31cm long x 13mm tall. Please select your preference from the drop down menus, and if ordering from this website please include the text that you require in the comments section before finally placing the order. Production takes 2-3 days A colour and font guide is attached to this post. Attention Business Owners – do you want a mobile billboard to help promote your business – then here’s a cost effective way to get the name in front of the public as much as possible.  Dixie’s Number Plate Frames fit around all standard size Aussie Plates (37cm x 13cm) and are so easy to use - all you do is clip the frame to the number plate and your ready to go,so don’t delay get your own personalised number plate frames today. Production turnaround is a maximum 3 days. Our PERSONALISED CUSTOM FRAMES are priced individually with a minimum order of one, so it's a pretty cost effective advertising medium. Below are the fonts and colours that we most frequently use. Others are available upon request ...Please note that fonts may vary slightly from batch to batch, due to character spacing, boldness, and height