The NR NR STD SIZE novelty plate was created at the request of the trucker and motorcycle market – with embossed characters using the popular acronym NR NR or NR NRH – they are available as plain plates or as a sticker plate with an extra line of text applied above the embossed characters which reads No Root No Ride or No Root No Ride Home

Please select your choice of plate colours from menu. If no image of your selected plate appears, dont worry as we will still be able to provide your choice

Note: due to government restrictions the manufacturer ceased using the small diamond separator on plates in May 2013, so the product you receive may not have the small diamond separator.

Aussie standard sixe (37cm x 13cm) high quality Australian manufactured made from Aluminium by the same company that’s been producing and selling quality Novelty Plates for many years.  Dixie’s plate sizes are the same as those on a normal vehicle,and have embossed characters and an embossed border

Also available in Aussie motorbike size plates (18.6cm x 10cm) – see link below


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