At the top of the screen you will see ‘search for a product here’ with a little magnifying glass. It’s really fast and accurate, so either hit the left hand “All” down arrow and every category on the website is listed, then select the category you want and hit the magnifying glass, OR if looking for a specific named product or you know the SKU code just type in part of the name or the SKU and you’ll get a display of all products containing that term. If you see “See more search results in: Product Name”, click that and another page will open up. 
As you browse, there’s a ‘quickview’ icon showing as you hover the mouse over each product, so when you see something you want, just click the ‘quickview’ then a pop-up screen shows all the detail and you simply hit the ‘add to order’ button whilst in Quickview, then close Quickview and carry on browsing, from where you were before. Your virtual order pad is always visible to the top right. So now, please scroll down the page and go shopping!