USA Customs


    A USA SIZE PLATE - PERSONALISED CUSTOM MADE is a way of personalising your own US Sized Novelty Plate - these embossed plates can be done as "One Offs" or in large numbers and production turnaround is on a weekly cycle. USA Size plate (30.5cm x 15.5cm) without mounting holes. (Sorry but no holes in the first batch of 50 but next batch will have holes) Can have one line of embossed characters in a choice of three different heights Large (L) = 80mm / Medium (M) =60mm and Small (S) =50mm. If 'L' or ‘M’ chosen no more than 6 characters including one space. If ‘S’ is chosen no more than 9 characters including one space. The embossed characters are normally placed central on the plate but can be bottom justified but not top justified In addition to diamonds, dashes, dot/fullstops, we now have even more punctuation options on characters that can be embossed as shown on an attached image. The new characters are: a proper number one with a serif - 1 a hash tag - # apostrophe – ‘ and symbol - & at symbol - @ USA size plates are available in the following background colours: White, Black. Characters and borders can be embossed in the following colours: White; Black; Blue; Yellow; Gold; Silver; Green; Red; Maroon By law we must avoid character combinations that are similar to state issued licenced or personalised registration plates and in general this includes avoiding the following Alpha Numeric combinations:  AAA NN / AA NNN / AAA NNN / NNN AAA / NNN AA  / AA NN AA  / NAAANNN. For bona fide car collectors and exhibitors we can get around this if our customer provides a signed statement of intentional use. There is a Colour chart posted on this website at or there is an icon to click on in the linked products below