Personalised Frames

Personalised Aussie number plate frames are available in black or white and are all hand assembled here at Dixie and a low cost way of promoting your company or organisation
We can assist with everything from simple one offs through to batches of 1,000 plus frames for dealers or special events.
Simply choose the wording you want and we have the vinyl words cut out and applied to the frame. Our service is fast – normally within 2 days turnaround


    Our PERSONALISED CUSTOM FRAMES fit around standard size Aussie Plates (37cm x 13cm). They are high quality injection moulded plastic in Black or in White, with your own choice of novelty wording which by and large is applied on the wider part of the frame at the bottom. However as shown in the examples here we can also apply lettering to the top of the frame, or both top and bottom. The words are cut from high quality vinyl stickers (see below for colours available) and are applied by hand. Wording for top of frame can be a maximum of 31cm long x 8mm tall, with wording for bottom of frame a maximum of 31cm long x 13mm tall. Please select your preference from the drop down menus, and if ordering from this website please include the text that you require in the comments section before finally placing the order. Production takes 2-3 days A colour and font guide is attached to this post. Attention Business Owners – do you want a mobile billboard to help promote your business – then here’s a cost effective way to get the name in front of the public as much as possible.  Dixie’s Number Plate Frames fit around all standard size Aussie Plates (37cm x 13cm) and are so easy to use - all you do is clip the frame to the number plate and your ready to go,so don’t delay get your own personalised number plate frames today. Production turnaround is a maximum 3 days. Our PERSONALISED CUSTOM FRAMES are priced individually with a minimum order of one, so it's a pretty cost effective advertising medium. Below are the fonts and colours that we most frequently use. Others are available upon request ...Please note that fonts may vary slightly from batch to batch, due to character spacing, boldness, and height


    Our I LOVE (INSERT NAME OF CHOICE) frames are great for villages and towns wanting something locally branded to sell to passing tourists. The are something different to add to your novelty range - be proud of your town, your village or your team with its name displayed on these number plate frames made to fit around standard size Aussie Plates (37cm x 13cm) High quality injection moulded plastic frames in Black or white, with wording on bottom Our sample shows our local village 'Eudlo' so the plate reads "I LOVE (as a heart sign) EUDLO" Minimum order of 10 frames ...Please note that fonts may vary slightly from batch to batch