Octagon Signs


    One for the Broncos fans12 x 12 inches (30 x 30cm), octagon shaped flat non embossed high gloss metal parking stop sign. Made of the highest quality aluminum for a weather resistant finish.  It is lightweight & durable.  Pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mountingWe sell for a great price, and offer a wide variety so get yours today! For protection from factory to customer, each is shrink wrapped, and we add extra cardboard packing to ensure they reach you in tip-top condition 

  • STOP

    The STOP  sign is one of several we have in the utility and workplace series This Hexagonal sign measuring 30cm across flats comes standard as flat and non - embossed  and made from high quality steel with mounting holes, so they can easily be hung on display indoors or outdoors. Artwork is applied by a dye sublimation process with a lovely gloss finish. For protection during delivery we use extra packing materials to ensure they arrive in tip-top condition This design is copyright 2008 by SOTT -  Sign Of The Times If you would like plates or signs made to your own design, we can easily do this for you. Virtually anything you want can be created with our modern digital equipment.  The key is good art, and we can do ANY GRAPHIC!    ANY DESIGN!    ANY COLOUR! For more details on how to create a sign or plate to YOUR design PLEASE CLICK HERE Important note about images we provide : Just as we sometimes see that “pricing is subject to change without notice”, so too are “designs subject to change without notice”. In 99.99% of cases, what you see on Dixie’s website or brochure is what you get. However, there are the odd times when designs have changed in some small way (eg: maybe a logo moves to a different location on the item, or the colour changes). Sometimes this information doesn’t always trickle down until the new designs are manufactured and shipped to Dixie. We hope this is helpful and understandable.